Getting Started

Here is a great video for anyone dragging their feet on getting involved with coding:

Starting something new means getting out of your comfort zone. I find this video inspiring. There is a lot of information out there and it can be daunting when thinking about how to get started. I think this video reminds you to keep it simple and just take the first step. There are a lot of great companies, events, and organizations that can help too.

Women Who Code is a really cool nonprofit organization dedicated to equal representation of women in the tech world. They have networks, events, job listings, and a really great blog among other resources. It is a great first stop for any woman looking to get into coding.

Another great way to get started is to pick a niche within the world of programming that interests you. If you are into apps there are ton of resources that focus specifically on that. Feeder is a great website that has posts on programming related to gaming as well as general programming. So whatever you thing is, a quick search can get you in the right direction toward finding something coding related to that area. For me, I came from a background in graphic design, so I was drawn toward design and UX. Good luck finding your start.