How to Hire a Coding Freelancer?


One of the greatest advantages of contractual work is that companies can cut down on overhead costs as well as get work done on time. The same holds good for coding freelancer. Organizations wishing to have a time frame task of coding can easily get them done with the help of an expert coding freelancer. Besides, there wouldn’t be any let up or hassles as the contractual work by itself contains the payment that is to be paid after the completion of the work or according to the hours taken for the tasks as the case may be.

It is therefore no surprise that in a contractual term of the contract you need to take into aspect the kind of work you wish to assign to a coding freelancer and the time frame within which it has to be completed. Not all freelancers are good at their jobs while those that do may be specialized in one or other task that may not be suitable for your job. Hence, hiring a coding freelancer is no small matter and in order to get the best freelancer for your work you need to take a few points into consideration.


Zeroing on to the Best Freelancer for Coding

If you wish to have your work completed to your utmost satisfaction you must first of all plan your project. Once you know what it is that you are seeking your next step would be to define the work so that later you may put an advertisement in the social media or other websites. The job may vary from organization to organization and getting exactly what you want goes a long way in hiring the most suitable freelance coder.

You must know your goals and therefore you must be able to note the type of language you may need to achieve these targets. For instance, you describe your project, the time frame for achieving it, periodical payments that you are willing to pay, your overall budget for the project and the end goals for the project.

Your next step after the above is done is to advertise your project and state unambiguously whether it is a media application expert that you wish to choose or a web developer or whether you need a software engineer or any other specialists for your type of work.

Your next job is to short list those programmers whom you believe serves your purpose the very best. You may have a fair idea about the techniques that you would need in order to understand each candidate’s skills, credentials, job experience and past experience of the very kind of job that your organization requires.


Interviewing Face to Face with Freelancer Coder

You may interview the right candidate after you have gone through their credentials and also through the marks they had left with their web presence. This way you know whether the freelancer is genuine in his or her work or not. Again, it would be better at this juncture to leave out those freelancers who are already loaded with work as then they wouldn’t be able to finish your work on time. Many freelancers are committed to their tasks and therefore you may ask questions regarding their programming languages and see whether they have some genuine advises to give you.

If you have got a couple or more freelancers shortlisted for your kind of work then you may try to test them by giving them a job or two. However, it must be remembered that those freelancers who have solid experiences behind them may not be willing to go through the process of job testing without payment. Many of them wouldn’t like to do the work and think that they have been cheated in the process after you have paid them peanuts in the name of job testing while you get your whole work done.

Hence, it would be better to make your own position quite clear and that you are also willing to go long with further jobs in the future if the current job is fulfilled to your satisfaction. Trust is very important in online business and word to mouth do spread fast and can have devastating affect on your own business too if you are not keeping your word.

As for payment you may either agree to pay a fixed amount periodically or by the hour and for this you need to get into a firm understanding with your freelancer coder.

There are several sites that make arrangements for getting you suitable freelancer for a fee which isn’t quite high. These sites are better to approach in case you need a professional who may be able to understand the best coding language that your type of work may need. In case you are not able to spot a good programmer on your own then you may approach sites like Toptal, Matchlist,, Upwork, Guru, Freelancer, and People per Hour and so on.