Top 5 Most Used Coding Language

Computer language and currently languages for the myriad electronic gadgets have evolved at a faster speed than ever thought of. Most languages have sprung up from their need based application yet there are a few generic languages that seem to have conquered a large part of space so that they have become the hot favorites among users worldwide. It is in this context that a consensus of sorts have been drawn as to which is among the top five most used coding language for computers and mobile phones. There are several websites that have placed languages from top to bottom depending upon their usages while others have based the rankings on the future prospects of coding language in the years to come. There are still others which feel that with the steady evolution of coding languages the future of much easier, faster and seamless functioning of computers and mobiles are possible.

Not just the above there are also authoritative website that select coding languages not due to its current popularity, but its ability to pay more for its users. In fact, many new coding languages have risen in popularity due to their potential employment opportunities and better pay scale from employers.


Guidance for Learning the Best Coding Language

You may choose any one of the top ten coding language, but you should also keep in mind as to the nature these are employed and their future prospects. It is seen that many IT companies have switched languages so as to make them more user friendly to their own particular batches of employees. Many students do not learn just one language, but to keep themselves abreast of employment opportunities they try to learn more than two languages. However, if you look at the applications of these coding languages then you will notice that a few stand on the top no matter what due to their near omnipresent usage in the IT sector.

For instance, you will find Java Script right on top of most ranking lists as there is a feeling among users that it is not just generic, but the best available language. It is seen that Java Script is used in more than 80% developers while around 90 to 95% website still use the same worldwide. In fact, all android applications are based on Java while most top Fortune 500 companies cannot do without it too.

The second best language according to most authentic website analysis is the Python which is relatively easy to learn and has been growing in strength for the past one year. Used for web development and acts as a support language for software developers it has found its application in data mining, scientific computing among others.

The C++ is yet another popular program which has still been the hot favorites of those who still use this language. Many programmers feel that even with the evolving of newer languages worldwide the C++ would remain among the forefront of language coding for several decades to come. This is because it has been seen as an offshoot of C language and is pretty cool when it comes to system software and gaming.

Other Great Coding Languages

Among the easy to follow and rapidly gaining acceptance is the PHP language and is mainly used on the server side. It is a widely accepted language for web development in place of HTML and is also seen to do well with MySQL databases. The language has now increased its market area a sure sign of things to follow and may be accepted over a larger area in the near future.

It is yet seen that there are other languages too that are vying for the top space in the computer coding language. Among these is the C# which is rapidly evolving and is said to be one of the most modern language currently being used. It is easy to code and is nowadays used in wide range of software development program. It is good at writing web application to mobile application of most kinds and is pretty sound in 3D games.

From above you would find that Java Script, Python, C++, PHP and C# has been found to be on the top place as far as their generic usage is concerned. However, this may not be the case in the near future where competition to bring in faster applications and seamless functioning of the gadgets is the need of the hour and you may sooner or later find more powerful languages appearing on the scene.

For instance the coding language GO is rapidly making strides due to its fast execution. Again, there are others too like GO where users needs to have some basic understanding of the coding language system to learn the newer speedier codes. Generally, it is seen that computers and mobile devices are evolving at a breathless speed and hence the coding language too has to keep pace with time.